Electrician - Maintenance Division

Electrician - Maintenance Division

Electrician under the Maintenance Division.
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This person will be working under the head of power generation.

A competitive package will be offered based on education and experience.

If you are interested in working with CPUC, please submit a CPUC application form or resume with a cover letter in English. Application forms & further information are available at our main office at the Aten’s Building, 2nd Flr in Fais, Weno, Chuuk State.

Closing Date: Ongoing until position filled.

For more information please visit our CPUC office or call us at (691) 330-2400 or email us at info@cpuc.fm.

Thank you,
CPUC Management

Required Qualifications for Position
2-year electrical, technical, or related degree;
Completion of an electrical apprenticeship;
At least 2 years’ experience as an electrical technician.
Excellent problem-solving skills.
Good communication skills.
Experience operating hand and power tools, soldering and fault-testing equipment.
Responsibilities of the Position
Maintain all electrical equipment of CPUC according to manufacturer’s recommendations.
Advising the Head Maintenance on improvements and enhancements for the safe and cost effective operation of the power plant, water and sewerage assets.
Make all efforts for a cost effective and stable electricity supply.
Keep all motors and controllers in running conditions.
Ensure standby generation for water and sewerage sites is always available.
Troubleshoot wiring of switchgears, engine controls (interface module panel).
Troubleshoot wiring of electric motor controls for simple stop/run, automatic control, float level control of pumps and basic electronic control operations.
Modification of wiring terminals of generators/motors for various voltage conversion, speed connection and rotation as needs arise.
Disconnect, reconnect and dismantle, test and repair electronic components (AVR automatic voltage regulator, anodes, rectifiers, etc.
Assess parts required for undertaking maintenance and repair activities.
Soldering and repair or electrical components.
Ensure Standard Operating Procedures are followed at all times.
Follow Safe working practice at all times.
Other duties as may be assigned to you from time to time.
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