About CPUC

Chuuk Public Utility Corporation is established under the Chuuk Public Utility Corporation Act of 1996 (The CPUC Act of 1996).  “…that adequate provision, maintenance, and improvement of public utilities are vital to the economy, health, and environment of Chuuk State…that it is imperative that the public corporation act in the best interests of the people of Chuuk State.

Accordingly, this Act establishes a public corporation that shall be responsible for providing reliable utilities at reasonable cost to its customers and the public corporation shall be responsive to the needs and concerns of the people of Chuuk.

The Act further establishes a CPUC Board of Directors consisting of five members, one from each of the five senatorial districts.  “The administration and management of the CPUC shall be controlled and its corporate powers exercised by a Board of Directors.


CPUC Vision:

CPUC is charged with services that are essential to the welfare and economic development of the state, and CPUC continues to provide everyday necessities to the public at large, furnishing electricity, water, and sewerage services for the people of Chuuk State.

CPUC Mission:

CPUC strives to provide reliable power, water and wastewater services for the state of Chuuk. The profits we generate are reinvested to improve and expand our services.

In remote environments the extent of power supply should be based on socio economic considerations (e.g.education, health, communication benefits) and not just commercial imperatives; a coherent strategy for CPUC growth and development is essential if external funding opportunities are to be effectively leveraged. This can be further enhanced through joint initiatives between other State utilities in FSM and perhaps even more broadly.

Appropriate technical solutions need to be employed dependent on the identified power needs for the islands and communities being supplied.

Linkages with other service agencies should be an integral part of longer term utility provision, this becomes more important as geographic accessibility reduces.

Key components of Chuuk State Energy Policy are the:

  • Provision of stable and reliable power generation in Weno
  • Improved management, operation and maintenance of CPUC
  • Efficient electricity  demand management
  • Electrify government facilities in Chuuk State using Alternative Energy by having a renewable energy sources contributing to the total energy mix
  • Electrification of lagoon islands and other un-electrified islands

Specific targets within the general plan are to:

  • Promote energy conservation and develop energy audit capability
  • Promote efficient electrical codes and efficient appliance standards
  • Undertake assessments for wind and wave/current power viability
  • Expand solar PV access and use on inner and outer islands

Goals & Objectives

  • Provide reliable and sustainable services
  • Exercise green and environmentally friendly initiatives
  • Explore ways and means to operate, improve and expand services