CPUC Rules and Regulations

CPUC have the following Rules & Regulations:

Electric Power System Rules & Regulations;   CPUC Electric Rules & Regulations Approved 14 Nov 2012

Water Supply System Rules & Regulations:   CPUC Water Rules & Regulations Approved 14 Nov 2012

Sewerage System Rules & Regulations:   Sewer Rules & Regulations Approved 14 November 2012

These are all promulgated under the authority of Chuuk State Law No.3-97-05 and any and all amendments thereto.

The purpose of these regulations is to establish requirements for connection to CPUC Utility Systems where and when they are available and to establish fees for the use of and connection to CPUC Utility Systems.

The regulations and technical provisions and specifications which may be adopted by CPUC from time to time, have the force and effect of law and are binding on all persons and entities subject to the jurisdiction of the State of Chuuk.

The charges for utility services are included within Annex 1 of each of the specific utility service rules & regulations.
Any queries relating to this notice can be directed to CPUC at 330 2400.