Typhoon Maysak Recovery

On Sunday 29th March 2015 Chuuk State was hit by a severe typhoon with winds up to 140 mph being registered in parts of the Weno area.

CPUC power system has been badly affected by the typhoon; recovery efforts are underway; Fortunately poles installed under the ADB OIDP project withstood the winds which allowed CPUC to restore power to the airport and hospital within 18 hours and to Government and Telecom office and fuel stations within 36 hours. Supply through the downtown area to the Municipal building was completed on Friday 3rd April.

A full damage assessment has been carried out across the whole of Weno; Sewer lift station facilities were fully restored on 9th April; water wells are progressively being brought back on line and as of 28th April CPUC has water coverage restored across Weno with the exception of the southern end of Neauo area which is targeted to be operational by 30th April. The surface water treatment plant in Nantaku has been on CPUC power since 19th April.

CPUC management met with the USAID/FEMA PDA team in the second week of April and presented the findings of the CPUC damage assessment. The total assessed damage to CPUC power system is around US$900,000. Fortunately minimal damage was suffered by the water and sewer infrastructure which has been an important factor in getting service operational in a relatively short time frame.

FSM National Government have also provide support to CPUC through the provision of a US$300,000 grant from the FSM national Disaster Fund to facilitate procurement of restoration materials

Pohnpei Utility Corporation have sent a 12 man team to support CPUC with line rebuilding and re-establishing service connections. They are scheduled to stay in Weno until the end of May, however the need will be kept under review. CPUC is extremely grateful to the Pohnpei State Government and in particular the Board, management and staff of PUC for providing this support.

Public radio announcements are now being made on a weekly bases advising CPUC customers of the status of the recovery;

CPUC website also contains details of work progress.

CPUC would like to thank everyone who has expressed concern and offers of support.

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