CPUC is pushing ahead with initiatives to reduce its dependency on fossil fuels; with over 150 kWp of solar PV systems in place at the end of FY2013 (65 kWp grid connect & 85 kWp stand alone)  CPUC will realise a further 185 kWp grid connect by mid FY2014 and are targeting to achieve 450 kWp of solar PV  grid connect  by the end of FY2015.

Wind assessments have just started with speed and direction data logging at  two sites in Northern and Southern Namoneas.

Further information can be found on policy, projects and logging results in the subsequent sections of this web site.

CPUC would like to recognise the support and assistance provided by the development partners and FSM Dept of R&D to CPUC in shaping its renewable energy program – Kinisou Chapur – we look forward to  continued partnership and growth in our capacity (in all its forms).

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