CPUC obtains its water from a combination of surface and borehole locations. CPUC surface water treatment plant is located on the hill side above Nantuku and gets its water from a limited catchment area above the plant. In sustained periods of dry weather this water source dries up.

CPUC has a total of 29 boreholes of differing capacities located at sites across Weno Island; the majority of boreholes are in need of improvement and are in the process of being rehabilitated using ADB and OIA grant funds.

The water supply pipe system is being rebuilt in areas where the Weno Phase 1 Road project is taking place. This will improve the quality and quantity of water that will be delivered to our customers.

The CPUC water system has been divided into 6 operational areas in order to manage supplies more effectively, chlorination is being introduced progressively and will be used at all sources by the end of March 2012;

With a return to 24 hour power supply across the whole island CPUC water supply will become more reliable; over the next few months we will be encouraging many more families to connect to CPUC water to enjoy a cheap, safe and reliable water supply – for more details contact us at our head office in Fais, Nepukos; call us on 330 2400; or email to info_cpuc@mail.fm; we look forward to hearing from you.

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