CPUC is responsible for sewers, sewer lift stations (sewer pump stations) and a sewerage treatment plant.

We have a total of 12 sewer lift stations that are under refurbishment and are being progressively improved between  June and December 2011. There are also a number of grinder stations away from the main roads that will allow us to expand the area of sewerage collection – this will be happening in 2012.

We also have plans to rehabilitate the sewage treatment plant located on land close to the airport – this fell into disuse more than 15 years ago. When this is operational we will be able to comply with EPA effluent discharge regulations and improve the quality of the bay adjacent to the airport where effluent now discharges.

As we say in our environment policy we want to protect the environment for everyone’s benefit – we need to invest more money to be able to this but at CPUC we are committed to this important goal – your support and understanding as always are greatly appreciated.

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