The first Chuuk State Energy Security & Electrification Summit was held in Weno, Chuuk State on 6th and 7th of June.

Chuuk State Energy Summit – HE President Mori – Key Note Speech

The output from the meeting is included in the Energy Summit Resolution at the link below

Energy Summit Resolution 7 June 2013


The purpose of the summit was to create awareness of State and National Energy policy amongst leaders and decision makers; to discuss options and means of achieving the State energy goals – in particular the expansion of services and the introduction of renewable energy generation technologies; and to map out what the leaders, executive, business and community sectors anticipate as being the way forward to develop the necessary infrastructure to support the economic development of Chuuk State.

The meeting was held at Blue Lagoon Resort,  Weno, Chuuk. Invited participants include leaders within the state – senators, congressmen, mayors and executive as well as private sector and NGO sector representatives.

A wide variety of speakers took part including from National Government, State Government, Private and NGO Sectors,  Stakeholders and Regional Development Authorities to provide their perspective on the challenges that are faced in relation to  energy security and in electrifying the State. The intent is to use the event to inform the development of a State wide holistic approach to utility service expansion.

The Summit was sponsored by CPUC, VITAL (FSM Petroleum Corporation) and NorthREP and was  fully supported by the Chuuk State Executive.

Presentation information can be found at the following links:

1 Summit Objectives – Mino R Mori

2 FSM Energy Policy – Sec R&D Hon Marion Henry

3 Chuuk State Energy Policy Action Plans – CSEW Chair Wilfred Robert

4 CPUC Expansion Plans – CPUC

5 CWC Presentation – Chair CWC Mrs Kiki Stinnett

6 Energy Security & Renewable Energy – Mr Rupeni Mario SPC NorthRep

7 Barriers to Energy Security and Electrification – CPUC

8 Vital E4L – CEO Jared Morris VITAL_FSMPC

9 Mortlocks Electrification Program – Rex Palacios MDA Advisor

10 Vital Balance 7 June 13

11 CS Energy Policy Framework

12 CSCC Energy Summit Presentation



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