Energy Sector Development Project

Energy Sector Development Project:

A Chuuk State Stakeholder Consultation Meeting was held on Monday 10th march at Truk Stop Conference Room. The draft meeting report is contained in the files below:

Chuuk State – FSM WB ESDP Consultation Report 10 Mar 14 Final

The World Bank is working closely with FSM Government National Dept. of Resources & Development and each of the State utilities in preparing an  Energy Sector Development Project.

The project objectives are to improve the efficiency and reliability of electricity supply and strengthen the planning and technical capacities at the State power utilities and the National Government.

Current documentation for the  project can be found below:

Environmental Management Plan For Upgrades & Expansions to Existing Power stations and Networks -DRAFT1: March 2014;

FSM ESDP EMP 20140306

Environment & Social Management Framework – DRAFT 1: March 2014

FSM ESDP ESMF 20140306



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