Future projects

CPUC Expansion

CPUC – General Briefing & Expansion Outline Aug 2013


Power system expansion program – generation and distribution system improvements paid for through Compact and ADB funds – timeframe: 2012-2014 – US$ 10 million;

Sewer Treatment Plant Rehabilitation – PMU managed project to rehabilitate the existing (non-operational) sewage treatment plant – timeframe: 2012 to 2014 – US$ 4.5 million;

Water Loss reduction program – ensuring the efficient management of water resources – timeframe 2012/2014;

Solar PV to Grid systems – implementation of renewable energy generation technology to achieve State Energy Goal of 450 kWp generation by end of 2015;

Southern Namoneas Expansion Program – expansion of power distribution systems on Tonoas, Fefan  & Uman  with submarine cable link from Weno -2014-2016;

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