Bid PG001:  Caterpillar 3516 – 20,000 hour overhaul

CPUC CAT 3516 Overhaul RFP – Issued 23 August 2012
The Chuuk Public Utility Corporation (CPUC) is requesting proposals from qualified companies to furnish all labor, materials, equipment and services for a 20,000 hour overhaul maintenance on one  (1) Caterpillar 3516 Serial number  25Z06707, diesel skid mounted engine  housed in a 40ft container as described in the scope of work.
RFP is available at the link above
25 August 2012
Q1. Can you please provide us the serial number, arrangement number and the model?
A1. Caterpillar 3516; ass 1077350; ser 25Z06707 engine
Q2. Is the engine still in operation or breakdown already? 
A2. Out of service, we had another unit to occupy its slot outside, we had injector problems when it was removed from service. We pulled the heads to check for problems, all OK. All main connecting rod bearing “pop” with minimum pressure, so no sticking or tight bearings. We are replacing the radiator as the salt air has degraded the fins requiring running water to keep cool, hence the oil cooler change.

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