Chuuk State Receives Italian Government Funded Solar PV Grid Connect

The formal handover of Phase 1 of an Italian Government funded Solar PV Grid connected system   from the FSM National Government to Chuuk State Government   took place on Wednesday 5th June 2013.

Phase 1 of the  system consists of 20 array strings and 5 inverters providing a total of 65kWpeak.

His Excellency President Mori handed over the system assets to Chuuk State  Governor Johnson Elimo and encouraged the State to continue its implementation of renewable  energy systems in order to improve energy security and dependence on fossil fuels.

Governor Elimo thanked the Italian Government for their generosity as well as the National Government for their support in the implementation of the project  and requested that the Second Phase of the project be implemented as soon as possible to bring the total capacity  of the installation to 100 kWpeak.



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